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I am the founder of the
Face Yoga Method and as such my face is my own testimonial to my work  

Everything that I put on my face has to be carefully thought out with the ingredients scrutinized before I could consider adding it to my line.

Fumiko Takatsu Face Yoga Method

I have meticulously tested and considered every single product before proudly formulating it and putting my name on them. I believe that the products have to be clean, good for you and worth adding to your daily routine. This intense research has resulted in a skin care range that I am beyond proud of. People often ask me what I use on my face and I tell them I do Face Yoga every single day and I am completely in love with all of my skin care products. I use them every single day.


Let’s rewind about a decade...

To the serendipitous event that started it all. I was an American-educated academic living in Japan, teaching English. At 36, I still looked pretty great and was convinced my youthfulness was invincible. Then, one day while vacationing in California, I was riding in the passenger’s seat of a car and we got hit at high speed. The impact caused my hip, shoulder, and head to be thrown off-kilter. I’m lucky to be alive now.

I remember experiencing the shock of a lifetime when I got my driver’s license photo taken after the crash and observed my asymmetrical face. It was difficult to look at myself. I panicked. I started to buy expensive facial creams, lotions and treatments, but none were helping me look young again.

Then one day, I was standing in front of the mirror and realized that if I exercise my body muscles, I should be able to do the same for my face. That’s when Face Yoga Method was born. After practicing facial exercises for several weeks, people started commenting on my results. They said I looked younger and more aligned, and wanted to learn how to tone their faces too.


“My message resonated with women all over the world, I was not alone”

After my accident and my million attempts of finding the right serum, cream or lotion, I felt like I had learned a lot and knew which ingredients were good for you, which were product fillers and which to look out for. So I put together my own line, using my own knowledge and listened to no one but myself. I tested them over and over again until they were absolutely perfect. I only want you to use products that I use myself. We’re all busy people and sometimes we lack the time or care to focus on ourselves, so anything I recommend has to be worth adding to your daily regime.

This is why I release products slowly and it is very much a growing product range. So bear with me and watch how my line grows so that we can grow together.

Fumiko Takatsu