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COLLAGEN! What is it? Do you need it? How to take it? What will it do for you? What to look for, etc.?

 We heard you and we’ve got the answers!

 The short answer is, YES, we highly recommend adding a high quality collagen supplement as a healthy part of your skin care regimen.

 Here’s what you need to know about selecting your supplement.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein your body naturally produces, and a major component of your skin. It’s like a glue that holds your body and skin together. This protein is responsible for healthy joints, skin elasticity, skin structure, and stretchiness. It plays a role in strengthening skin, and can also benefit tissue elasticity and hydration.

Collagen & Your Age

As you age, the natural collagen production in your body starts to decrease. This process starts in your 30’s and continues to decrease as you age. When the body stops producing quality collagen, it results in your skin losing its elasticity, and therefore dryness, wrinkles and sagginess start to appear, aging your skin.

 This is where collagen supplements come in to help restore this essential protein in your body. Not all collagen is made equal, however. Your body needs high-quality collagen that contains the amino acids needed to make new proteins.

Natural Sources Of Collagen

The wrinkle-reducing results of a high-quality collagen supplement are due to its ability to stimulate your body to produce collagen. But as we already stated, not all collagen is created equal!

 To produce collagen your body needs these essential vitamins and minerals:
- Proline
- Glycine
- Vitamin C
- Zinc
- Copper

If you notice, all these are found in food. Collagen can be restored with a well-balanced diet, but because it’s very rare in our modern world for someone to get all of their nutrients from food, collagen supplements are necessary.

 In addition, collagen supplements are already broken down which is why supplements are actually more efficiently absorbed than the collagen found in food.

Collagen Supplements: What To Look For

Most collagen supplements are made from animal products because they’re naturally high in collagen and will give you the biggest boost of the collagen protein. Powdered collagen supplements are also recommended because they’re easier absorbed by the body.

 Here’s a quick checklist when shopping for your collagen supplement:
- Clean, all-natural ingredients
- Powdered collagen supplements (these are easier for your body to use)
- Free from synthetic ingredients and flavors
- Solvability
- Taste
- Maximum benefits

How To Incorporate Collagen Into Your Skin Care

Adding collagen into your diet and routine is easy as it dissolves easily into anything. Add it to your smoothies, soups, coffees, teas, or you can even add it to your oatmeal, baked goods, dressings, sauces, etc. The options are endless and the taste is subtle!

 Think of collagen as a part of your skin care ritual. Integrate it into your Face Yoga Practice, combine it with your high-quality skin care, and let it be a part of your routine and your self-care!

 Caring for you and your skin, starts with proper nutrients. Your body needs to be replenished on the inside in order to radiate on the outside.

 The recommended serving of collagen supplement powder is up to nine grams per day. You can take collagen supplements daily, and as always be intuitive with it! Some days you’ll naturally skip it, and that’s ok.

Beyond Collagen: Face Yoga Method Collagen SuperPowder

It’s a fact that there are dozens of collagen supplements on the market, and maybe you’ve even tried some of them. But the Face Yoga Method is a holistic approach which requires delicate attention to detail. We wanted more than just a collagen supplement that worked. We wanted a SUPERCHARGED, DELICIOUS, EFFECTIVE, and NUTRITIOUS collagen that you could enjoy sip after sip, in support of your Face Yoga Method Journey.

 The primary ingredient in our SuperPowder is marine collagen because of its unparalleled benefits. There is no other source of collagen on our planet that can give your entire body, brain, and skin this level of nourishment. Here’s what’s inside every decadent scoop:

White Mulberry Powder is incredibly rare, but so beneficial. We love this ingredient for its ability to visibly repair and reduce hyperpigmentation, lighten dark age spots, and for creating a flawlessly glowing complexion!

Apple Peel Powder, an all-natural anti-oxidant and a super-ingredient which supports your skin and body’s fight against free-radicals — a must have for all skin!

 Want MORE information on our upcoming release?!


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