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Skin Care for your 30s, 40s, 50s and Beyond

Skin Care for your 30s, 40s, 50s and Beyond

As we age and evolve, our skin ages and evolves with us. It’s a beautiful process, and one of great privilege. 

And as we age, everything takes a shift. We show up differently, we dress differently, our values and boundaries become refined, among many other beautiful things the aging process so generously grants us.

And just like all else, our Skin Care Routine should also transition with the stage of life we’re in, honoring the phase our skin is in. It should expand with us.

Our #1 Skin Care Tip for EVERY Age

At the Face Yoga Method, Skin Care and mindset go hand in hand. We cannot talk about proper Skin Care, without first addressing the right mindset when it comes to aging, and embracing your age.

Whether you’re in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or beyond, the first step to a proper Skin Care Routine is a proper mindset.

We know that witnessing your skin change over the years can at first be daunting, but we’re here to reassure you that it doesn’t have to be. It can be one of great privilege and ease.

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Skin Care Routine In Your 30’s

It’s usually in our 30’s that small signs of aging appear at our door. Faint lines on our face may begin to show, we may start to notice less elasticity in our skin, it’s as if our face has fallen down overnight, and for many this is a scary occurrence.

It's the first transition into the visible side of aging — but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! Aging is just what we’re taught it is. And unfortunately for too long, we’ve been told that aging is a bad thing so our narrative around it is one that couldn’t be farther from the truth. What if instead, we embraced the seasons of womanhood that aging so eloquently provides? 

Your 30’s are the first opportunity to shape this mindset and blend it with what you choose to do, for yourself and for your skin.

At the Face Yoga Method we know that it’s never too late to focus on prevention. And your 30’s are a great opportunity to re-evaluate your daily habits, and craft habits and unshakable practices that will support you and your skin. 

---> Want to learn more about the SCIENCE OF AGING? Here’s how!

Before we get to the skin care tips, we always advise pairing a Face Yoga Method Routine to ANY Skin Care regimen as it will naturally tone and shape your muscles, diminish lines and wrinkles, and protect your skin while amplifying the effects of ANY product!

Tip #1 For Skin Care In Your 30’s — Hot Water

While most don’t often think of hydration or nutrition as a skin care routine, we firmly believe that it should be at the top of every regimen. No skin care product will give your skin proper hydration if your body and cells are lacking. 

Staying hydrated is your simplest tip to glowing skin. And to take it a step further, we highly recommend creating a routine around drinking a cup of hot water first thing in the morning. Hot water is great for eliminating toxins, which in turn will plump your skin and leave it with a radiant glow. This is a skin care routine for any age, but your 30’s are a great time to implement this tip into a daily habit. 

Tip #2 For Skin Care In Your 30’s — Sunscreen

Even though sunscreen should be worn for all ages, oftentimes we neglect this important regimen as teenagers and in our early 20’s. Sunscreen however is a great tool for preventing skin damage that will show later on in life. Sunscreen should be your non negotiable when it comes to protecting your skin now, so that you have less to worry about later. 

Tip #3 For Skin Care In Your 30’s — Collagen & Vitamin C 

As we enter our 30s, our natural collagen production starts to slowly decrease and continues to decline as we age. Collagen is fundamental to our skin’s strength and elasticity. The less collagen our skin produces, the more sagging and wrinkles appear. This is why boosting your collagen production naturally will help prevent skin from sagging and maintain your youthful appearance. Our most loved tool for natural collagen production is our Derma Roller. 

It is also in our 30’s that our body’s natural ability to renew damaged skin cells diminishes. To give your skin a little extra boost, include ingredients such as Vitamin C that will aid your skin in it’s natural regeneration process. Vitamin C Concentrate pairs well with the Derma Roller, allowing the Vitamin C to penetrate deeper into the skin and helping repair damage. This is one power duo! 

Want an easy daily boost of collagen for all skin types? Add a sugar-free Collagen Supplement to your daily regimen!

Best Anti - Wrinkle Skin Care Products and Routines For Your 40’s

In addition to keeping up with some of the suggestions from above, your 40’s are a great time to take exfoliation, and quality products, a little more seriously! 

Tip #1 For Skin Care In Your 40’s — Moisture

As we age, our skin can start to appear dull, dry, and have a crepe paper effect. Proper moisturizing is the best way to give your skin a boost and brighten your complexion! Moisturizers should leave your skin balanced, smoother, and plump, and include the vital nutrients your skin craves as we age. 

We’ve sourced our favorite ingredients from mother nature in our light as air Whipped Oxygen Moisturizing Cream, perfect for most skin types! Aside from hydrating and reducing the appearance of fine lines, our Whipped Oxygen Moisturizing Cream supports your skin against aging free-radicals, increases your skin’s collagen and elastin production, helping you maintain a youthful look.

Another great way to moisture your skin is with D.I.Y. face mask! Our go-to face mask is the yogurt face mask that gently exfoliates your skin and provides your skin with essential nutrients. Pair it with little honey and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your skin can get it’s luminescence back!

Tip #2 For Skin Care In Your 40’s — 100 Times Face Splash

If you’re a seasoned Face Yogi, you’re well aware of the benefits of this simple Method. But for those new to the 100 Times Face Splash, let us just say, this practice, that simply requires a bowl of water, will forever change the way you feel about your skin! We guarantee it!

The 100 Times Face Splash will instantly tighten your pores and brighten your skin! Do it after you exfoliate and you’ll never look back (to your 30’s)! 

Tip #3 For Skin Care In Your 40’s — Serum

In our 40’s, our skin starts to need more support with both firming and moisturizing, especially around the delicate eye area. This is why a power packed serum is key to give your skin the boost it requires. Moisturizers are great, but serum’s are what will deliver active ingredients deep into the dermal layers.

The 100% Pure Oxygen Plasma replenishes the oxygen levels in your skin, stimulating the production of new skin cells. It can smooth out wrinkles and accelerate your skin’s healing process, all with just 5 ingredients. This powerful Product can serve as an eye cream, night cream and all around your staple Skin Care Product! When applying serums, make sure you gently press them into your skin for best absorption and results. 

Best Skin Care Products In Your 50’s

In your 50’s you’re either reaping the benefits of the skin care regimen you followed in your 30’s and 40’s or you might be playing catch up on your skin care routine. Whatever the case, rest assured, it’s NEVER TOO LATE to start.

The BEST Tip For Skin Care In Your 50’s & Beyond — Face Yoga! 

While a Face Yoga Routine is advisable for all ages as a natural preventative practice, by the time we’re in our 50’s, the loss of collagen and elastin in our skin is best met with a Face Yoga Practice. Quality Products are great and can do wonders for our skin, but Face Yoga will tone and shape the muscles beneath the skin’s surface, which no product on the market can ever do.

If you read other articles on suggestions for feeling and looking your best in your 50’s, many of them advise cosmetic procedures. At the Face Yoga Method we firmly stand behind a 100% natural alternative. Not only have we seen it work for thousands of people worldwide, Face Yoga is a lifestyle that will bring your daily habits into awareness, making this Practice a holistic lifestyle, with full Body - Face - Skin benefits. 

Quality Products are great additions to your Face Yoga Routine in your 50’s and beyond. Pair your Routine with the 100% Pure Oxygen Plasma and watch yourself regain all your glow! 

Listening To Your Skin

While these are all great tips to help you both, maintain and regain the glow of the decade before, the best tip of all is to always listen to YOUR skin. 

Only you can know what your skin truly craves and needs, and only you can give it that. Don’t overthink this part. Simply ask yourself, what does my skin feel like? What does it need today? What is it missing? What could I do to boost its glow? 

And then do that! 

Once you understand how to communicate and work WITH your skin, the benefits are bountiful.

The Essentials For Aging Beauty

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Melody Wainscott calendar_today

It’s annoying that there are explicit instructions for all age groups except for “50 and beyond.” I’m about to be 62 and there is a WORLD of difference between my skin now and at 50 and what works best.

marcia Williams calendar_today

Hi, I did the boot camp and also jump start chin and neck last summer. I noticed my skin looking bad so I started both again to regain my confidence. Can you tell me what I should be doing on a daily basis to keep results . I’m 63 .

Sybil Presley calendar_today

How do I rid puffy eyebags?

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Advice for 72 Year old

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