Welcome to the 5 Day Skin Care Challenge:
Empower Your Beauty! 

March 22-26th you will learn the POWER we all have inside of us once we OWN our beauty through the three holistic aspects of an Empowered Beauty: Mind - Body - Face.

Come As You Are...

We’ve got you covered! Everything you need to follow the 5 Day Challenge will be sent to you via email introducing you to your Expert and a link to watch their EXPERT SHARE Video. This is a structured challenge so do your best to set time aside each day that you will dedicate to this challenge so you don’t miss an EXPERT SHARE.

You Can Do It, We’re Here To Help...

In addition to following the challenge videos, we encourage you to overcome any insecurities by taking ACTION with daily challenges. Don’t worry, all of your actions will be supported inside our Private Face Yogi Community Group, that’s here to help you shine!