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This Is What Gives You Amazing Skin

This Is What Gives You Amazing Skin

If you’re over 30, you can probably relate to the moment you looked in the mirror and felt like your face fell down. While you may have considered this to be a unique and sudden crisis, what you saw was human form, and chemistry, in action.

Our skin’s vibrant, supple, and smooth appearance can be attributed to two proteins:


Collagen and Elastin


These two vital proteins are readily available in our skin at birth but begin to rapidly break down after the age of 30. But, age isn’t the only thing that threatens our glowing, youthful skin.

Every day our skin is under attack by our environment.

Daily hazards like pollution, sun, stress, and free radicals break down collagen and elastin. Eventually this destruction shows on our skin as wrinkles, fine lines, asymmetry, eye bags, hyperpigmentation and dullness. The bad news is that these dangers are simply unavoidable, so the question of how to maintain our youthful appearance comes down to this: prevention.

Luckily, the best way to prevent premature aging, and to help protect our skin’s integrity collagen and elastin, can be found in one simple vitamin:

Fumiko Takatsu with two orange halves next to her eye corners, tongue stuck out of her mouth.

Vitamin C is a proven natural antioxidant and essential protector against the signs of aging. It protects our skin against free radicals that we come across every day and is arguably a skin care essential for practically every skin type.

Here’s what we know to be the BEST way to use Vitamin C to boost your glow, and give your skin a youthful look:


1. It Needs To Be Applied Topically


Although vitamin C is found plentiful in many citrus fruits and botanicals (see below), it’s best for elastin and collagen protection when used topically on your skin.

That’s why we knew our natural next step was to find a vitamin C product you can use every day as part of your morning routine and evening rituals.

But we didn’t just create any ordinary vitamin C serum…


2. Your Aging Skin Has Special Needs


Your aging skin is different. If there’s one thing we know well, it’s aging skin. Unlike the complexion of a teen, or young adult, your aging skin has special needs, sensitivities, and a history (if you will) and your typical store bought vitamin C serum isn’t going to cut it. You need the perfect balance of hydration, and effectiveness and quality.


3. We Sourced Naturally


We know you love natural solutions as much as we do. That’s why we set out to formulate the perfect vitamin C serum just for you. It’s cruelty free, vegan, paraben free and made in the USA, and utilizes three of the best all-natural sources of vitamin C on the planet:


  • Edelweiss Extract


FYM_2023_eCom_VitaminC_Product_EdelweissExtract_V1.jpg__PID:502fa57a-4850-4798-a8f9-d05db6694b20This particularly powerful antioxidant has even more potency than vitamin C. (Yes, you read that correctly) Edelweiss extract helps your skin stay wrinkle-free, supple, and firm. Plus, it helps reduce the appearance of red and irritated skin. 


  • Calendula


This pretty flower soothes the itchy, tight, dry and red skin caused by irritation or common skin conditions like eczema. It also helps promote the production of collagen and is an essential protein for glowing skin.


  • L-Ascorbic Acid


Clinical studies prove that L-Ascorbic Acid is the purest and best topical form of vitamin C available.




And we didn’t stop there…

4. We Packed In The Potency


Most antioxidant serums only contain L-ascorbic acid in a standard concentration of 5 to 15 percent. This falls short of what your skin actually needs to show results.

A recent study proved that the maximum absorption of topical vitamin C through a serum is only achieved with a 20% concentrate. And that’s why we’ve packed the perfect concentration of L-ascorbic acid into our NEW 20% Vitamin C Concentrate!


5. Results Speak For Themselves


Perfect for most skin types, our new vitamin C serum will instantly boost your glow, while protecting your skin’s collagen and elastin proteins at the same time.


The best part is, results can show instantly and can include: 

- Reduced inflammation and redness

- Reduced skin discoloration and dark under eye circles

- Reduced fine lines and wrinkles 

- Protection from sun damage and other environmental hazards

- Moisturized and hydrated skin


Whether you’re using a targeted application for age spots or dark undereye circles, or are just looking to boost your glow daily, our new 20% Vitamin C Concentrate is your perfect daily serum that you simply must try. 

WARNING: Results from this serum are so amazing, they can be addictive. 

“Thank you FYM for giving us what we need to achieve glowing skin! Love the new C serum.”
~ Linette K., Vitamin C Concentrate Customer




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