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Tips On Using A Jade Roller From A Face Yoga Method Teacher

Tips On Using A Jade Roller From A  Face Yoga Method Teacher

Ok — we’ll be the first to admit it — we’re tool-obsessed!

Ask anyone on the Face Yoga Method Team, in a majority of our ZOOM meetings you’ll see me casually using a new and weird-looking facial tool while on the call. One tool that has gained public spotlight is the Jade Roller, leaving many of our Community members wondering, is this another fad, or are Jade Rollers here to stay?!

Have a seat, Face Yogis; we’re about to break down all things Jade Roller and the Face Yoga Method and why this skin care tool has a place in our beloved Skin Care Regimens.

Jade Roller: What is it?

The Jade Roller might be a new concept in the West, but this is an ancient Chinese tool that has been traced back to the 7th century. Crystals have been used in Skin Care for thousands of years and traditionally Jade Rollers were made from the jade stone, as the name suggests. Natural stones have various properties and can relieve negative energy, which in itself is healing and nurturing. Today you can find Jade Rollers in many shapes and stone variations.

Jade Roller

Jade Roller: Who’s It For?

Jade Rollers can be used daily, at any age, and can improve the benefits of Face Yoga Method Poses. This is because the gentle pressure of the Jade Roller helps stimulate blood circulation and relaxes your facial muscles. Plus, it boosts the skin’s natural detoxification process by activating the lymphatic system, which results in a gentle toning and lifting effect.

For Puffiness and irritation:
Storing your Jade Roller in the fridge, for example, allows for the cooling sensation to tighten pores and calm skin from minor irritation and puffiness.

For opening pores and product application:
Warming the Jade Roller, on the other hand, will help open your pores for better absorption of skin care products.

For general benefit:
The calming effect of the Jade Roller makes for a wonderful daily ritual.

Jade Roller: How To

Before getting started, follow these steps:

  • Clean your Jade Roller with warm water and a gentle cleanser before you get started.
  • Cleanse your skin with a moisturizing cleanser before using the Jade Roller.
  • To maximize the effects of your skin care products, use your usual moisturizers, creams or oils BEFORE you start using the Jade Roller. This is because the massaging movement of the roller can help your topical products absorb better into your skin.
  • Cleanse your Jade Roller after use, and pat dry before storing.
  • You can use a Jade Roller on your face, neck, eye area, and décolletage. Be careful around the delicate under-eye area.
  • The smaller side of the roller is ideal for your eye area and the bridge of your nose. The larger side is great for the forehead area, cheeks, and the jawline, as well as the entire neck and decolletage.
  • Never rub your skin, create wrinkles, or do anything that doesn’t feel good. You don’t have to use pressure, the weight of the roller itself is enough.
  • You can start with 10 to 20 strokes on each section of the face, or do more or less depending on what feels best for you.
  • You can use the Jade Roller in any direction, but at the Face Yoga Method we prefer the detoxifying and depuffing benefits by rolling from the middle of the face to the sides toward the lymph nodes — in front and behind the ears, and down the neck to help move the lymph.
  • As always, end with some very gentle strokes down the neck.

Combining The Jade Roller With The Face Yoga Method

Our favorite Poses to use the Jade Roller in combination with, are The Big-O (page 103) and The Swan Neck (page 128). Because Jade Rollers create energetic flow, the crystal often knows exactly where extra strokes are needed. As always, listening to your body, your skin, and your intuition is your best guide.

Jade Roller + Face Yoga Method Routine To Try:

  1. Gently roll your Jade Roller down the chin, jawline, and behind the ears. Don’t forget the back of the neck as we have many lymph nodes there!

  2. Following the contours of your face, such as the jawline, be sure to roll from the middle of the face to the sides, on the cheek bones and the entire cheeks. Let the tool guide you and do as many strokes as you wish.

  3. Roll over your forehead using side to side strokes. Then from the eyebrows up to the hairline for a gentle lifting effect. We suggest opening your eyes wide and adding in the Face Yoga Method by relaxing the forehead muscles and strengthening the eye muscles at the same time.

  4. After working on the larger muscles and areas of the face, you can do downwards strokes from the ears down to the collarbone, and then to more specific concerns.

If you have eye bags or dark circles, you can spend some time under your eyes. Don’t apply pressure, just roll outwards to the temples, and down the neck. If you have a tendency to clench your teeth — do some strokes in all directions along the masseter, keeping your jaw slightly open and relaxing the rest of your face. One other Face Yoga Method tip, especially for those who wear glasses, is to roll along the nose. As already mentioned, always end by gently directing the toxins down the collarbone by ending with a downward motion.

The Power Duo

You can do many Face Yoga Method Exercises in combination with the Jade Roller by incorporating them in the Routine itself, roll your face first and then go into your face exercises, or vice versa. Whatever the method you choose, The Jade Roller and The Face Yoga Method are a power duo that’ll leave you with a healthy glow!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Annmarie Skin Care to bring you a beautiful Jade Roller. They’re beautifully crafted with ethically sourced crystals and have been our go-to alongside the Ultimate Guide To The Face Yoga Method.

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what you do is amazing 👏 you are a genius that make faces younger with the most cheapest,easiest and also natural solution.🙏🙌♥️

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Excellent tips!

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