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The Essential Skin Care Routines For Aging Skin

Face Yoga Method skin care products - moisturizer, oxygen plasma cream and a balancing spray toner.

We believe that skin care is self-care and your skin is worthy of our Pro-Age products which are crafted with you in mind.

The unique needs of our aging skin require a little extra time and devotion.
But that doesn't mean it should be complicated.

Here’s your step by step guide for creating a skin care routine centered around self-love PLUS the best products for those of us with aging skin:

As we age, proteins responsible for our youthful look like elastin and collagen that were abundant through our 20s, are depleted and need to be protected and boosted through our skin care.

This is where Face Yoga and proper skin care products unite!

Face Yoga is a fantastic compliment to every skin care ritual because it not only rebuilds collagen and elastin, but it helps your products work better, too! Similarly proper skin care can make or break your success with Face Yoga and achieving a naturally youthful face.


The 3 Main Skin Care Rituals




AM STEP 1 : Refresh (The 100 Times Face Splash)

A woman splashing her face with water.

The key to washing your mature skin is to NEVER strip your face of oil and sebum. Doing this would make it defenseless against damaging free radicals and unable to support the production of elastin and collagen (the two proteins that give your skin a youthful look)!

It’s our job to work with our skin to maintain the ideal pH value to keep our skin functioning at its best.

That’s why we recommend that you simply wash your face with the 100 Times Face Splash Method in the morning and save your cleanser for your evening skin care (see below).

AM STEP 2 : Tone

Fumiko Takatsu applying Balancing Spray Toner


If you only use one product on your aging skin, be sure it’s an alcohol-free toner!

Using a high-quality all-natural toner, like our Balancing Spray Toner is one of the best products you can put on your skin.

This custom blended Toner sets a NEW STANDARD for skin care. The Balancing Spray Toner is the best toner for practically every skin condition and nourishes your skin with a bouquet of botanicals, herbs and natural extracts to improve the overall health and wellness of your face.

AM STEP 3 : Protect

Fumiko Takatsu applying Oxygen Plasma cream.

Did you know that MOST sunscreens on the market today could be causing more harm than good, or do nothing at all in terms of photoaging and protection?

Sun protection is a key factor in our skin care regimen, but the big mistake we see people making every day is putting their full trust in sunscreen.

That’s why we always recommend you use our Pure Oxygen Plasma with your sunscreen to help boost the UVA and UVB protective properties of your product.

Even without sunscreen, using our powerful 5-ingredient Pure Oxygen Plasma in your morning skin care can:

✓ Help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Maximize the effectiveness of your other products
✓ Prepare your skin for moisturizer
✓ Replenish the levels of oxygen in your skin for brighter, glowing skin
✓ Reduce acne scars
✓ Lighten sun spots and sun damage
✓ Accelerate your skin’s healing processes

AM STEP 4 : Hydrate



The final step in our Morning Skin Care Ritual, is to lock in the right balance of moisture and nutrients to help your skin stay nourished throughout the day and for your Face Yoga Practice.

Soft, supple, and hydrated skin is critical for your Face Yoga practice and your fight against the signs of aging and can show immediate reduction in dull skin and fine lines.

Our bestselling Whipped Oxygen Moisturizing Cream is ideal for nearly every skin condition, and leaves your skin flawless and feeling like pure silk with just the right amount of hydration.




PM STEP 1 : Cleanse

Washing your face can make you look younger, but the problem is that most of us are washing our face the WRONG way, and with the WRONG products.

For most skin conditions, cleansing should be reserved for your evening ritual which will prevent stripping your face of oil which would cause an overproduction of facial oil and lead to extreme imbalance and even damage to the skin.

We cannot stop raving about this cleanser and what it’s doing for our skin!

Our new Purifying Cream Cleanser is packed with Jojoba oil, and supports your skin’s protective defenses while boosting collagen production and replenishing your skin with a powerhouse of nutritive vitamins. Plus we’ve packed in Vitamin E and B-complex to give you a youthful glow and superior hydration while maintaining a weightless non-greasy finish.

PM STEP 2 : Tone

Following your facial cleansing routine, be sure to follow with a toner to balance your skin and prepare it for the rest of your products.


PM STEP 3 : Treat and Repair

The evening is a fantastic time to give your skin extra treatments for repair, healing, and wrinkle reduction. Day to day stresses show on our skin, plus environmental hazards and free-radicals are unavoidable and range from diet, and sun, to the air we breathe. That’s why we need to protect our skin’s health and glow every day with antioxidants.

Our favorite time to use Vitamin C serum is in the evening, when your skin is in rest and repair mode and not exposed to UV rays.

Applying Vitamin C topically allows the powerful antioxidant properties to work their skin-brightening and complexion-perfecting magic while you sleep. For your skin, antioxidant products mean improved health and complexion and can reverse damage!

The best part is, results from a 20% Vitamin C serum can show instantly as hydrated, healthier-looking skin. Plus, over time, with continued use, Vitamin C can even reduce hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and dark undereye bags!

How to use your Vitamin C Concentrate Serum:

Perfect daily morning and evening skin-brightening serum.
Ideal for most skin types*.

After Derma Rolling or before moisturizing, apply one (1) pump to finger tips and apply to the entire face, avoiding the neck. For a more targeted treatment, use as a spot treatment

Follow with daily Serum or Moisturizer.

*If you have sensitive skin using a hypoallergenic serum like our 5-ingredient Pure Oxygen Plasma can boost the effectiveness of your other skin care products and indulge your skin in reparative treatment while you sleep.

PM STEP 4 : Hydrate

Applying Moisturizing Cream

Close your evening skin care ritual with your moisturizer to seal in all of the restorative products you have used.

Take your moisturizer application to the next level and apply with relaxing Face Yoga poses to help you get a good night of beauty rest.




TREATMENT STEP 1 : Boost Collagen

Whenever your skin needs an extra boost (let's say 1-2 times per month) it’s important to have your treatment tools at home and at the ready!

🠮 Signs that your skin needs a treatment can include:
🠮 Lackluster appearance
🠮 Sagging skin
🠮 Deeper wrinkles
🠮 Plateau in improvements to skin condition
🠮 More than 4 weeks since your last skin care treatment
🠮 Dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and scarring

Microneedling is our favorite way to boost collagen and the overall health and appearance of your skin. Using a Derma Roller is a highly-effective way to quickly vanish wrinkles and scar tissue with no down-time.

Studies have shown that skin treated with four monthly micro-needling sessions lead to a 400% increase in collagen. (Yes, 400% more collagen 100% naturally!!)

When done properly, micro-needling creates controlled “injuries” to the skin leading to superficial damage. This triggers the body’s wound healing response that looks like this:

  1. The skin releases substances that stimulate growth
  2. New blood vessels form in the skin
  3. The skin starts to make more collagen
Then, over the next 5 days, age-reversing magic happens.

The collagen produced by the body is deposited in the micro-needled part of the skin, helping the skin become firmer and improving the skin tone and reducing scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Derma rollers can be used for:
  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Fine lines
  • Scars and stretch marks
  • Oily skin
  • Some types of rosacea
  • Large pores

TREATMENT STEP 2 : Use Serum To Lock In Benefits.

What you use after your microneedle treatment is imperative for maximizing the healing and anti-wrinkle benefits of this style of treatment.

Follow your microneedle treatment with a healing serum. Our best products to use after derma rolling are either the 20% Vitamin C Concentrate or Pure Oxygen Plasma serums.

The Pure Oxygen Plasma is a triple-action serum which will revolutionize the way you protect your most delicate skin.

Not only does it protect your skin from damage, it’s also an age-reversing serum. This powerful Plasma can show visible results in as little as 7 days, and we guarantee that you’ll notice a difference in your skin in less than a month. 

Remember, the most important part of your skin care ritual, is the act of devoting time to yourself every day.

Our products were created to meet the highest standards and to serve as a reminder of how strong, empowered, and beautiful you are. Get the skin care that’s worthy of your skin.

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Hi Manju! We ship worldwide, including India. Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout.

Manju calendar_today

In India you products?

Fumiko calendar_today

Hi Paula,

Our Whipped Oxygen Moisturizing Cream and Vitamin C Concentrate are good for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and dark undereye circles while still feeling lightweight.

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Dear Fumiko:
I am a Jamaican and I am 56 years old female. I need some help concerning the lines under my eyes. I am interested in purchasing your products. Please advise.



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Thank you Tina, that you a great explanation, I love that your products are vegan and natural. I avoid chemicals so have been using Rose Hip from my herbalist, with is great but not quite enough as I find it sits on the surface and I feel quite oily, so I am quite interested in giving your system a try. Thank you for explaining the roller too, I’ll definitely try that, I thought that was something you had to do at a salon. I also like that you mentioned to do your face yoga and cleansing at the same time… awesome way to save time on busy mornings. Thanks I really enjoyed it 🙏
Paula, Western Australia

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