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Two sides to the “aging coin”

Two sides to the “aging coin”

“Instead of focusing on ‘anti-aging’ I should be focusing on ‘pro-aging’” ~ Sandra | Pro-Aging Ambassador

Paralyzing fear.

That’s what Sandra recalls feeling when she thought of aging, and sadly, she’s far from the only woman that feels this way.

I’ve always believed I had something to give to women — something to inspire them, to change their lives. Even when I started teaching Face Yoga, back when it was just a few dozen clients, I knew there was so much potential there.

But now, our Face Yogi Community is a global network of women who SEE, FEEL, and CRAVE the change that this Method can create, both inside and out.

We’ve always believed that Community is fundamental to this Journey, but until we asked our Face Yogi Community members why they loved being a part of the Face Yoga Method, was when we realized that the Community was essential to them, their growth, and their embrace of the Pro-Aging Revolution!

And through hearing the needs of this Community we realized the importance of, the need for, and the lack of PRO-AGING messages in our lives. This is why we made it our mission to spread the Pro-Aging message through everything we did, big or small.

So, what exactly is Pro-Aging?

Today, we’ve asked one of our Face Yogis, and Pro-Aging Ambassador, Sandra to share her experience with aging before and after finding the Face Yoga Method, natural Skin Care, and our revolution.

"What would come up for me was fear...Paralyzing fear. Physically it was insecurities because my skin was feeling and looking a little bit different. As far as emotional…it was pretty bad. Fortunately, I have women in my life and I look at them and see them as a reflection of what is yet to come. And you know what, they embrace life, they are full of life, they’re beautiful, they’re happy. And so 

Instead of focusing on “anti-aging” I began focusing on “pro-aging.” 

It’s about embracing life through every age.”

How Sandra uses Face Yoga Method Skin Care:

What Face Yogis Say About Pro-Aging & The Face Yoga Method

Sandra shared that to her, Pro-Aging means “Embracing all of the seasons in life.

The Face Yoga Method holistic Journey of Mind - Face - Skin Care has helped her go from feeling anxiety, fatigue, panic attacks, and questioning her purpose in life to a radiant, confident woman looking forward to what every year will bring.

Like most, in her 40’s her skin was changing and her confidence started to lessen. In order to take herself out of this negativity, Sandra started to evaluate what changes she needed to make in life.

She realized that in order to age gracefully, she needed to incorporate habits that would enrich her mind and her spirit.

“Every stage in life is precious and happiness is the choice I make every day.” 

It was this realization that led her to the Face Yoga Method. To her, it just made sense. This movement to help others embrace every season of life, is so much more than exercises. It also nourishes the mind, she says. Sandra furthermore describes it as a self-care tool to love yourself and give yourself permission to focus on yourself. To her, Pro-Aging is also about gratitude!

“Gratitude for the years lived, gratitude for the present, and gratitude and excitement for the future.”

Why Is Pro-Aging Essential 

Sandra doesn’t deny the benefit of Face Yoga for her skin and face, but more importantly she states, “Face Yoga Method has brought me to a place of peace and joy that I will bring along with me for the rest of my life.”

The Pro-Aging mindset is the one that will shape how you view yourself, your relationship to life, and the way you open up to and receive life's experiences. It’s essential for loving yourself and inspiring others to do the same.

The Pro-Aging mindset is one we view as essential and that’s why we took it as far as using our Skin Care Products to remind our Face Yogis to love themselves, nourish themselves and see the immense beauty within themselves. Instead of picking up an item that tries to punish you for the beautiful aging process, we want to remind our Yogis of their beautiful skin worthy of being nurtured, loved and embraced.

What would it feel like if this was THE ONLY message we were taught? 

We are the change makers we’ve been waiting for. 

This shift in mindset will undoubtedly foster positive changes across every area of your life. Pro-Aging is essential for it is a privilege to get to age, and it reminds us to embrace every step of the Journey.

Community Support 

“In a world that’s currently so filled with negativity, this Community is like an Oasis.” ~ Sandra Aronoff 

And while we are all capable of change, of mindset shifts and new realizations, it is Community that propels us forward faster than any tool out there. It is Community that will see us for all we are, and help us love the bits and pieces we often hide. One person's Journey will inspire others, and this domino effect is an unfolding of continuous love and support.

Our Community is a place to open up, and to be received with embrace. Because ultimately we all have the same fears, and our Journeys are not that much different to one another's. When we open up to talk about them, healing happens, not just for us, but for all around us.

Our Community awaits you with open arms, no matter where along on your Journey you are, we invite you to walk the Pro-Age Path with us.

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