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Meet Our Vegan Skin Care Essentials

Meet Our Vegan Skin Care Essentials

Creating positive impact is good for you, your skin, and our planet.

We are all about doing the least harm and the most good, and helping you achieve incredible results, 100% naturally.

Did you know that we’ve always gone out of our way to bring you all-natural ingredients?

Over the years we’ve discovered that Face Yogis are becoming more conscious of the choices they make every day, and that includes the products they use on their skin.

You may have heard the buzzword “vegan” all over the place lately. We love that veganism is becoming more mainstream, not only for your nutritional needs, but for your skin!

Whether it’s a vegan alternative to collagen products or you’re just looking for a healthy skin care overhaul, we hope that this article will help you understand the power of going plant-based for your skin.


So, what is VEGAN SKIN CARE?

Vegan skin care includes products and tools that are made without any animal products or byproducts. This is different from traditional all-natural products, which still contain ingredients like beeswax, honey, collagen, lanolin and keratin.

Why we LOVE our VEGAN products:

Just like our skin care, ingredients shouldn’t be harmful or complicated. That’s why one of the most important things you can do for your skin and the planet, is to simplify your skin care routine by using vegan and all-natural products.

All of our products and tools in our Shop are cruelty free and vegan, and harness the incomparable power of nature! So you can feel good, while looking GREAT!

At the Face Yoga Method, we believe it’s not enough to create healthy products that work, we strive to bring you quality vegan ingredients that deliver results, and are sustainably sourced as often as we possibly can.

“The cleanser that changed my mind after 20 years…”


Keep scrolling to discover your NATURAL SKIN CARE ESSENTIALS…

1) Use A Cream Cleanser

Finding a facial cleanser that benefits your skin and fits your standards can be a challenge.

Almost all cleansers on the market today are full of ingredients that can dehydrate your skin and leave it feeling tight, flaky and dry. If you feel like you have to rush to apply moisturizer after cleansing, you’re using the wrong product for your aging skin. Instead, opt for a cream cleanser which offers the proper balance of cleansing, and purifying, with balanced moisture.

After cleansing, your face should feel clean, soft, and smooth. Learn more about cleansing your face the right way.

“ this is INCREDIBLE!! I compared FYM's cleanser to my (previous) favorite cleanser, and FYM won hands-down!!!!! I love how it moisturizes my skin, doesn't over-foam, and has a delicate scent. Whenever I finish cleansing with this, my skin looks & feels increasingly ever fantastic!”
~ Katie B.



2) Never Skip Toner

One of the most beneficial skin care steps for aging skin is to use a toner. When shopping for a toner to invite into your skin care routine, be sure to look for a toner that doesn’t contain alcohol which is drying to your skin and can make skin conditions like redness and acne worse.

Our plant-based toner prepares your skin to stay balanced for the entirety of your day and is the perfect blend of botanical extracts like aloe, clary sage, and calendula.

Use your Balancing Spray Toner, after cleansing or whenever your skin needs a refresh, especially after sun or wind exposure. Spritz 2-3 pumps onto a dry face and allow to air dry.

“This toner cleanses, hydrates and refreshes without irritation which is critical for my sensitive skin.”
~ Nina E.



3 ) Try A Lightweight Moisturizer

Properly moisturized skin not only looks amazing, but it helps plump and prevent more wrinkles and damage!

The best practice is to use moisturizer between toning and sunscreen, morning and night. Our skin is a permeable layer, so look for a moisturizer with natural ingredients that fit your skin’s unique needs.

Redness and irritation? Look for skin soothing botanicals like licorice root.
Dry, dull, wrinkled skin? Jojoba and hemp oils are perfect all-natural ingredients to support optimal skin moisturization and health.

“Delicate to sensitive skin too I always get a breakout when I change face cream but not with this. I’ve had so many great remarks about my skin since using it. Brilliant product!”
~ Sue M.



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Heather calendar_today

Thank you so much for introducing the vegan range. Would love to see vegan friendly face masks for the skin. As soon as international travel is permitted, and I can travel to the US, I will be placing my first order for my face products. Can’t wait. Thanks so much again.

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