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Face Yogi Spotlight: Blanca

Face Yogi Spotlight: Blanca

“The Face Yoga Method gives you the tools to work with your own hands, with your own face.”
~ Blanca.

Blanca’s Journey with the Face Yoga Method has been uplifting and inspiring, and her presence alone is one of self-love. This is why we chose to share her Journey, her outlook on Skin Care, and her Routine that brings her ultimate joy.

Skin Care As A Lifestyle

Working on your face and seeing improvements should bring joy, confidence, glamour, and a positive attitude. Blanca lives these values and believes that as we age, we can look better, and feel better without the need for cosmetic procedures.

Blanca’s Face Yoga Practice is complemented by the small-batched Face Yoga Method Skin Care Line. The paraben free, gluten free, vegan, nutrient filled Products coincide with her holistic values, and beautifully support her wholesome Face Yoga Practice.

Blanca’s favorites:

Being nearly 60, it was the Face Yoga Method that brought fun back into her life and inspired her to help herself. Blanca wanted this for herself, but she also wanted to pass this lifestyle onto other women as well, which further ignited her Journey and commitment to this Practice.

Blanca's Pro-Aging Skin Care Routine

“The older I get, the less [makeup] I need.” ~ Blanca

A daughter, mother, grandmother, spouse, and friend, Blanca considers herself 59 years young. At 59, it's also the first time in her life she feels perfectly confident and radiant to go out without makeup.

In our world, to feel confident in one's skin — is a huge milestone and celebration.

By pairing The Face Yoga Method with the Face Yoga Method Skin Care Line, here are some skin results she experienced:

  • Elasticity
  • Tightening
  • Brightening
  • Glowing

Blanca’s Daily Skin Care Routine That Makes Her Feel Confident, Radiant And Sexy Year-After-Year

  • 100 Times Face Splash first thing in the morning which makes her feel fresh and awake, followed by her 3-step-method.
  • Step 1: Purifying Cream Cleanser to help balance and purify skin.
  • Step 2: Balancing Spray Toner to boost collagen and tighten skin.
  • Step 3: Whipped Oxygen Moisturizing Cream to brighten and moisturize the skin. At this step is also when she does Face Yoga Method exercises and acupressure on her face.
  • One of her go-to Poses is the Pick Me Up.
  • The Face Yoga Poses are met with positive affirmations leaving Blanca looking and feeling her best in just a few short minutes!
  • If she chooses to put makeup on that day, she does so last. But now the makeup isn’t because of a need, but because of a want.

The Pro-Aging Way

We believe that Blanca’s success in her skin, her face, and her life, have come from her ability to tune in and notice what her body, her mind, and her skin was needing. Her dedication to listening, and committing to the work to improve her wellbeing, is the true Pro-Aging way!

We all have unique needs and no two skin compositions are the same, making your ability to access your needs vital in your Pro-Aging Skin Care Journey.

We wanted to make this easy, as it’s often where most of us get stuck. Therefore, we created a custom Skin Care Analysis to guide you to the Routine your skin craves.

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