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How To Use A Derma Roller

How To Use A Derma Roller

Microneedling is one practice we can’t get enough of!

This method is one easiest and most natural route to smoother, brighter skin. If you’re looking for an addition to your skin care regimen that will decrease wrinkles and give you radiant and softer skin, look no further than our Derma Roller!

But before you can begin to use this handy little tool, it’s important to know exactly how to utilize it so that you can reap all of its benefits, without any of the damage! Keep reading for our best Derma Roller tips!

What Is A Derma Roller?

A Derma Roller is a handheld facial roller with hundreds of tiny (micro) needles. While it does sound a little prickly, we promise that this isn’t a torture device! Our Derma Roller is FDA-Approved for at-home use, and this D.I.Y. method can improve your skin’s texture and appearance.

With the right technique (and we’ll show you how!) these controlled injuries made by microneedling can trigger the body’s wound-healing response and benefit your skin.

The collagen produced by the body floods the micro-needled area of your skin and reinforces that layer. The skin becomes firmer, and looks better as the older skin cells flake and fall away, revealing a brand new you!

Studies show that, in just a few months, derma rolling can improve collagen production in skin up to 400%. At home, you should only use your Derma Roller up to twice per month — but that’s really all you need to kickstart your skin’s collagen production.

Our Derma Roller with Interchangeable Heads for face, neck, and body, is one of our team’s FAVORITE Skin Care Tools! In fact, we made a video demonstrating exactly how to use the Derma Roller to get the best results.

Why Use A Derma Roller?

The Derma Roller is the secret weapon in every sensational skin care toolkit. It holds the power to reverse aging by stimulating collagen production up to 400%!

When you roll the Derma Roller across your skin, it pokes little microscopic holes. The body reacts quickly to heal these tiny wounds, resulting in fresh collagen and elastin! You can learn even more about these important skin components of supple, glowing, and beautiful skin here.

After a Derma Roller treatment, the skin releases substances that stimulate skin regeneration. Then, new blood vessels form in the skin. The skin begins to make more collagen, and over the next five days, the reversing magic begins!

If you’ve been noticing more dark spots, scars, and wrinkles on your own face, you could microneedle your way to even skin and a fabulous complexion. Regular at home microneedling treatments help to boost collagen production and fill in fine lines and wrinkles, and even increase your skin’s ability to absorb skin care products!

This process also reduces the appearance of scars and soothes hyperpigmentation, meaning your complexion improves even more as the year goes by!

On top of the benefits to your skin, you have the option of using the Derma Roller at home. Similar treatments at doctors and estheticians can be ridiculously pricey and tend to be much more intense experiences. By learning how to care for your own skin with this useful tool, you claim the power to give yourself gorgeous skin from head to toe — from the comfort of your own couch!

“I love the feeling of the Derma Roller on my skin.
It lightly and gently invigorates and is easy to use.
It leaves you feeling bright and clean, especially after applying Whipped Oxygen Moisturizer. The difference in the reduction of fine lines and effects of sun and weather damage is significant, both on my face and neck. I use it once a fortnight and it's a real treat!” ~ Lindsay

How To Prepare Your Skin

Derma rolling is safe and beneficial for all skin types, but it’s ideal for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With that in mind, there are still a few things to note depending on the condition of your skin.

If you have more sensitive skin, you can use this tool less often. If your skin has active acne breakouts, or rosacea, using a Derma Roller is still safe. But you should aim to avoid these actively inflamed areas and give them the opportunity to heal since derma rolling is effective at reducing acne scars.

Here’s how to use a Derma Roller at home:

1) Sterilize your Derma Roller with isopropyl alcohol spray, and inspect the roller for any bent micro-needles.

2) On freshly cleansed and dry skin, use the smaller micro-needle head and begin on a 1 inch section of your face. Using straight, light, and smooth motions, roll the Derma Roller up and down about 5 times.

3) Lift Derma Roller off the skin, and repeat in diagonal motion in the same area.

4) Lift Derma Roller and move to the next section of your face. Be mindful not to drag the Derma Roller across your skin when moving location or changing direction.

5) Use the larger microneedle head for other areas of your body, like neck and chest.

6) Follow with gentle serum, like the Pure Oxygen Plasma for best results. Vitamin C serum can be especially effective right after derma rolling. The absorption of skin care products will be much better after prepping the skin with the Derma Roller.

Keeping your Derma Roller well-cared for will give you the best results. We insist that you only use a fresh and clean Derma Roller — the needles should be sharp. Sanitizing it before use ensures that you don’t introduce any bacteria to your beautiful skin. Dull and dirty Derma Rollers can result in redness, discomfort, and breakouts. No thanks!

Be sure to spritz your Derma Roller with alcohol after each use! We recommend replacing it every 6-8 months if you’re using it regularly. The Face Yoga Method Derma Roller stimulates collagen production by causing just enough trauma to the skin to cause it to produce collagen. It basically promotes new tissue growth, and it does it very simply, with simple trauma.

The Final Takeaway

The Face Yoga Method Derma Roller is one of our best-sellers! Reviewers are raving about their results, and love how quickly it helps to reduce acne scars, boost collagen, and see real differences in their skin! Our Derma Roller leaves your skin feeling smooth and radiant and this process is affordable and so easy.

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Does it work on the neck? If so, which size would one use?

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