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Warning Signs of Collagen Loss And How To Bounce Back

Warning Signs of Collagen Loss And How To Bounce Back

The thing with collagen is that you might not even realize that you're losing it until it's too late…

By the time most people notice their low collagen levels, significant damage has already been done.

Collagen loss can be hard to detect, and it happens to your body faster than you might think.
Your body spends less time and energy on producing this essential protein. In no time, you’ve stopped maintaining the necessary levels of collagen for optimum health.

So how do you make sure that you’re getting enough collagen?
How can you help your body rebuild its stock of this vital protein?

Keep reading to find out the warning signs to look out for if your collagen loss is left unchecked, and the easiest ways to increase your collagen intake.

The Warning Signs of Collagen Loss

Collagen is the substance that holds our body together and is the most abundant protein we produce. It’s a building block for healthy skin, hair, and bones. Type I collagen makes up about 90% of the collagen in our body — the collagen type responsible for youthful-looking skin.

That’s why sagging skin is the most obvious sign of decreased collagen production. Once you turn 30 and your collagen production becomes a bit less abundant, the structure of your skin begins to break down slowly and subtly. Over time, the skin loses the collagen necessary for elasticity, tone, and vibrancy, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.

Sagging skin is one of the more natural parts of getting older. But if you’re noticing this happening along with hair loss and weakening bone density, your body is sending you flashing neon signs that indicate a collagen deficiency.

If you’re seeing one or more of these indicators, you’re on the fast track to collagen loss. The good thing is that you can help your body back to a place of balanced collagen absorption with supplements. Collagen supplements are the best choice to slow the breakdown and restore this essential protein in your body.

What’s Happening To Your Hair?

If your hair is beginning to break, split, and fall out, you need to pay closer attention.
Collagen hugs and holds together every strand of your hair, giving it bounce, structure, and shine. Lifeless hair indicates a lower collagen supply — the hair loses its suppleness and thickness. Your scalp’s health could also be affected.

Thankfully, preventing collagen loss is simple! The right collagen supplement will not only boost scalp and hair health but also make your hair fuller, thicker, and lusher!* Specifically, two teaspoons of our nutrient-rich Collagen SuperPowder every day is just what your body needs to grow longer, healthier hair* that is nourished in every strand. This protein even protects and nourishes the hair follicles, which can help reduce hair loss.

The bottom line? You need to be sure that you’re giving your body enough collagen to sustain healthy hair.

The same thing could be happening to your bones.

Building Stronger Bones

Despite their stony appearance, bones are living tissue. They break down and rebuild themselves just like all the other systems in the incredible human body. Without this constant cycle, your bones would have weak spots — meaning more broken bones on a regular basis.

Collagen also plays its role in the bones, making up 30% of bone structure. Your bones get their flexibility and strength from the amount of collagen absorbed. And just like skin aging and hair loss, bone health is affected by collagen loss over time.

With age, your bones become more brittle; less dense. They’re more likely to break and can take much longer to heal. Taking daily collagen supplements can slow the aging process and build stronger bones.

That means it’s possible to reverse the effects of collagen loss in the hair and bones, just like you can with the skin*!

“Definitely promotes my hair growth and more hydrated skin. Thrilled with the results!” ~ Marlene

“The taste is very good! I’ve noticed that my skin is my face is more radiant, my hair is more shiny, and even my mood has improved!” ~ Lili

“Excellent mixture sourced thoughtfully for the health of people and planet. Stronger nails, supple skin, nourished joints, and boosted immunity. FYM and Fumiko are respectable rock stars changing lives.” ~ Ayden

How To Replenish Your Collagen

If you suspect that your collagen levels are low, it’s time to rebuild and replenish your collagen supply! With the right collagen supplements, you can give your body the helping hand it needs to get back to a place of rejuvenation and maintenance.

When the warning signs of collagen loss appear on the horizon, it’s past-time to take action to increase your collagen levels. With daily collagen supplements, you can help replenish the amount of collagen in your body and improve the strength of your skin, hair, bones, and overall well-being!

The Face Yoga Method Collagen SuperPowder supports*:

  • Overall improved skin look and condition
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Balances skin tone from hyperpigmentation and dark spots
  • Healthy hair and nail growth
  • Healthy joints
  • Mood and memory
  • Stronger bones for an unstoppable body

How long does it take for collagen to work?

It’s a fact that there are dozens of collagen supplements on the market, and maybe you’ve even tried some of them. But the Face Yoga Method is a holistic approach rooted in science and testing, which requires delicate attention to detail.

We wanted more than just a collagen supplement that worked. We wanted a SUPERCHARGED, DELICIOUS, EFFECTIVE, and NUTRITIOUS collagen that you could enjoy sip after sip in support of your Pro-Age lifestyle!

Our Collagen SuperPowder helps support overall wellness, helping you feel better and get the most out of every single day! Get your SuperPowder to start enjoying head-to-toe benefits that rebuild your entire body, giving it the nourishment it needs for a more vibrant you!

Our Black Friday Sale is coming, don't miss out on your chance to pamper your skin for less.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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