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How You Can Prevent Wrinkles While You Sleep

How You Can Prevent Wrinkles While You Sleep

Do you wake up every morning looking older or more-tired than the day before?

If you think you’re doing everything right, but your skin is still showing signs of wrinkles and dullness, you might be subconsciously aging your skin and contributing to your undesired skin condition! The truth is, many lines and wrinkles form by the way you sleep! We spend a lot of our time sleeping, so what if you could do it the proper way for your skin and face? We’re going to show you how you prevent wrinkles while you sleep, and wake up looking and feeling rejuvenated!

You’re Aging Your Face While You Sleep

We spend a lot of time sleeping. And if you’re sleeping in a position that doesn’t support your face, you’re spending a lot of time subconsciously aging your skin. When you sleep on your side, naturally, one side of your face is squished into the pillow and you might even wake up with lines and creases. With time, this will leave you with lasting wrinkles and deep nasolabial folds, even an asymmetrical face.

So many other factors are already working against us when it comes to embracing our face and our skin, sleeping shouldn’t be one of them!

How To Correct Side Sleeping

When sleeping on the side with a regular pillow, get an additional body pillow. Position the pillow vertically, one side between your legs and the other side you can hug so that your face isn’t completely squished on the side. You’ll notice how much fresher you wake up when you give your face this space to breathe!

If you know that breaking your side sleeping habit is going to be next to impossible, Sleep & Glow, are our go-to pillows, with a design specifically created to accommodate side sleepers!
The face cradle feature is specially designed to prevent wrinkles that side sleeping often causes, and in addition supports your neck and shoulders for a comfortable and deep sleep!

Breaking this unconscious aging habit has never been easier!

The Best Sleep Position For Your Face

The best sleep position for your face is sleeping on your back. And yet, this is the least common sleeping position! We get it, it can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to sleeping this way, but what you might be missing is the right pillow!

When sleeping on your back, your face doesn’t get squished, preventing lines and wrinkles on the side of your face. However, sleeping on your back can cause neck creases and a double chin if your pillow is too high.

This is where our go-to pillow’s come in once again! Sleep & Glow pillows are designed to protect your face as you sleep! They are professionally formulated in collaboration with orthopedics to provide you with the correct body position during sleep. They cradle your head so that back sleeping has never been more comfortable, and your face more supported!

This lifetime investment will change the way you wake up, the way you look, and the way you feel! Save $10 with the code faceyogamethod10.

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