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How to Adapt your Skincare Routine for the Changing Season

How to Adapt your Skincare Routine for the Changing Season

Do you follow any routines?

Whether it’s a work ritual, wellness routine, or skincare practice, having a solid and healthy daily routine is important for your well-being. It provides structure to your day so that you don’t forget anything, it makes you more efficient as you already know what’s coming next, and it also helps you build up lasting habits.

Well you may not be surprised to know that routines are an important part of my life. Every morning, I wake up between 4:45 and 5 o’clock and start with my morning ritual.

I drink a cup of hot water upon waking up. I then perform a series of exercises to start my day—body yoga, face yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises.

My morning ritual ensures that the connection between my body, mind, and spirit remains strong and intact. If I skip any of these routines, my body feels tight, and I lack energy throughout the day.

But not all routines are set in stone. While my morning routine never changes, I make sure that I tweak my skincare routine depending on the time of year.

During winter, the air becomes colder, making my skin drier. Because of that, I stock up on moisturizing agents to keep my skin hydrated.

In the summer, the sun is harsh outside, so I always apply sunscreen - not just on my face but also on my body.

In the video below you will learn about how I care for my skin each season of the year:

 Just remember: your skin absorbs almost 60% of whatever you apply to it. That is why you must be careful with your skincare routine and adjust it based on outside elements. 

But it’s not only about what you put on your face. Your skincare routine should also be combined with face yoga exercises if you want to enjoy long-lasting skin benefits all year round.


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Geraldine calendar_today

Eager to know about how we can combine inside and outside skincare routine. Thank you Fumiko 😊

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