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Your Limitless Pro-Age Life Begins NOW

Your Limitless Pro-Age Life Begins NOW

I used to roll my eyes at all the teachers preaching gratitude and self-care.

I told myself I knew it all already; there was nothing new for me to learn.

I convinced myself that these practices were just too simple to create any impactful momentum.

But the truth was, I didn't honestly know the power they held.

Sure, I knew the concepts. But I was a newbie to sticking to the actual practice. And the effects didn't actually land in my conscious awareness until I allowed allllll I'm about to share with you to sink in. Because when I finally started to own my self-worth, it took me from narrowly surviving a car crash to leading an international movement that's almost a million women strong.

I'm going to let you in on the secret truth I learned about gratitude. Something learned not by just knowing it, but fully embodying it, in living by it.

The Truth About Gratitude

Simply put, gratitude is the most impactful practice you can do for yourself and your personal growth. But because it's so simple, it's often overlooked.

Your mind searches for something more elaborate and extreme because, deep down, it doesn't want to believe that it could be "that simple."

But in fact, it is…

It starts with being thankful for every breath you take, every laugh you get to savor, every sunrise you get to witness.

Gratitude is what creates momentum, what makes quantum leaps, what supports your current mindset, and the mindset of the limitless version you're becoming. The act of gratitude is like telling the universe, "I see all that I have, and I'm open to more." It signals your appreciation for your current reality while simultaneously helping to create a new one.

Because to have more, you must first be aware of what you have now.

When gratitude is lacking, you will forever be lost in the search for something, no matter how much you achieve. The search, therefore, is not for a thing but for a feeling. As long as the feeling is missing, the search will feel incomplete. The feeling you're looking for — is gratitude.

Until you fully surrender to it, you'll keep on trying to replace it. But the sooner you realize that you can't replace gratitude, the sooner you embark on a path of exponential opportunities and extreme fulfillment.

It's that simple, I promise you.

Even Sheroes Need Self-Care

To me, gratitude and self-care go hand-in-hand. When you're grateful, you naturally create space in your life for your self-care. The act of self-care opens more opportunities to be grateful. Step by step, you learn the moves. It becomes a beautiful tango you get to dance in every day.

That dance is your most limitless Pro-Age life.


What is self-care? Self-care is like adding a teaspoon of honey to your morning tea. It adds a little extra goodness, a little extra sweet, and for many, "a little extra guilt." But I'd like to reframe that so you never use guilt and self-care in the same sentence again.

Here's the thing, Face Yogi: your growth requires self-satisfaction! It asks you to be pampered, rested, and well cared for. In this state, you are in your most authentic expression of the Superwoman you truly are. While not shown in movies, rest assured that every Superhero took care of themselves first behind the scenes. Taking care of themselves is what amplifies their capacity to do more, be more, help more. Period.

This is your invitation to BE the Superhero you already are, one act of self-care at a time.


Very often, while thinking of self-care, you come across the aspects of self-love and worth.

You ask yourself: Am I worthy of it?

And in a world that constantly tries to extract your self-worth, let me remind you that yes, you are. Simply being alive makes YOU worthy. Your beating heart makes YOU worthy. Every breath you take makes YOU worthy. Every emotion you hold makes YOU worthy. Every story you carry makes YOU worthy. You're worthy because you exist. That's right!

Just like you don't need a reason to be worthy, you don't need a reason to grant yourself the self-love you deserve. Love yourself simply because you're alive.

What would happen if you began to express gratitude for the person you are right now?

It's time to gift yourself. To thank your skin for the incredible job it does taking care of you on a daily basis. Make YOU the star of your shopping list and make self-care your gift that keeps on giving.

Despite popular belief, self-love isn't what feeds your ego but what helps you embrace your Essence. Embracing who you are inhibits the ego because you come to realize that every part of you is worthy of being seen and loved, even the quirky once-shamed bits. That there is no such thing as perfection, only utmost humanness. And your humanness deserves self-love. It requires it!

Self-love is what paves the path for transformation, for you, for me, for the entire collective.

The Life Cycles Of Being Human

I know that for many, these topics are foreign. At least the "execution" of them is. In theory, they sound great, but the practicality ends there. I get it.

We live in a world of instant gratification and glamorization. In comparison, our lives seem to lack what we see online, in magazines, on TV, or even what we perceive of someone we run into at the grocery store. And it's this comparison that inhibits us from our limitless potential. It demotivates us from showing up.

But deep down, we're all human. And we all battle the human battles of confidence, insecurity, doubt, worth, belonging, etc., whether a social media image portrays it or not. Once you realize this and fully feel it, you'll understand that the Journey starts here no matter where you're at now. This very second is an opportunity to take a moment and look around. Where you're at is perfect, and yet, it's just the beginning. Life continues to go in cycles. How are you showing up for yours?

The Extra Mile

Because I am devoted to forever encouraging transformation in others, I will continue to share what has created great transformations for me. Let me start by saying that just like the laundry on your to-do list, self-care and gratitude deserve time and priority. Once these teachings deeply sank into my awareness, my self-care became my TOP priority.

A morning routine is one of the ways I show up for me, and in turn, for you. It's not something I do "if there's time." It's something I continue to "make time for." There's a huge difference here, and it is one worth noting.

Listening to my heart's desires is another way I go the extra mile. It has guided me to pursue many things and end up where I feel most at home — The Face Yoga Method. I devote myself to continue growing and learning, not just in the field of Face Yoga but in my personal self-development. I tend to my body and face as they are the vehicles I experience the world through. And finally, I don't let myself take myself too seriously.

If you want the shifts, you'll have to show up for them. There's truly no other way. Start with what you're grateful for now, and then do something for yourself JUST BECAUSE.

Now It's YOUR Turn

Say thank you to your skin. It's okay to start small! I did too. But I began squeezing in a few minutes every day to pamper myself, and I watched my life transform. These little moments are gifts to yourself.

1. A simple morning routine: cleanser, toner, moisturizer

When you take care of your skin, your whole mood changes. Begin with a hydrating and deep-cleaning Purifying Cream Cleanser to leave your skin clean and clear. Follow up with a spritz or two of the Balancing Spray Toner for a light, smooth, satin finish. Then reward your new skin cells with the moisture they need with our best-selling Whipped Oxygen Moisturizing Cream! Show your skin some gratitude this Thanksgiving by giving it what it needs.

2. GLOW the extra mile

Vibrant, younger skin starts within. But the Brighten and Nourish Kit is the boosting duo you need to help you get that daily glow! Get a great deal on two of our most celebrated products and rejuvenate your skin. Adding these small steps to a Skin Care Routine is an excellent way to build self-worth!

3. Finish up with Face Yoga

If you're really ready to change your face and change your life, start your Face Yoga Method Journey. Is your face asking to be nourished and cared for? There's no better way to give attention to the parts of you that are begging to be seen. Remember: self-love starts with you. JUMPSTART your Journey with targeted Routines for the Eyes & Forehead, Mouth & Cheek or Neck & Jawline.

These are some of my favorite self-care activities and the ways I show myself gratitude! I'm thankful for the strength of my spirit and my skin. Let's start being grateful for ourselves together.

It's time to make room in your life for YOU. After all, don't you deserve it?

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Claudette Smith calendar_today

Thank you for this. I’ve been in a negative frame of mind since retirement. Even though I know about the importance of what you’ve shared, I’ve not truly felt it. I will do better since reading this.

Renee East calendar_today

Love sales!

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