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Her Face Yoga Method Journey Led Her To Confidence

Her Face Yoga Method Journey Led Her To Confidence
Many of us are opening up to the things that have held us back, realizing where we haven’t shown up for ourselves as much as we should have. We’re coming face to face with where we lack confidence, and where we could use more self-love, more awareness, and more grace.

For many women, this process and transformation often comes from first realizing how hard we’ve been on ourselves for the way we look and realizing all the ways we’ve been taught we should look, act, and feel like.

But we’ve had the privilege of watching many women regain their confidence and claim self-care as a part of their Practice through their skin care Journeys! We love witnessing these stories and are thrilled to share one of them with you today.

Feeling Young & Vibrant

Meet Paola Arrege, our Pro-Age Ambassador!

“WOW, I feel like I’m young again!” - Paola

Paola loves sharing her skin care Journey and how the Face Yoga Method played a role in her transformation. As she embraced natural skin care, and started falling in love with taking care of her skin, she also developed a relationship with herself, her confidence, and her approach to aging.

In Paola’s experiences, age has nothing to do with how alive and vibrant she feels. But her mindset and how she shows up for herself does! At 52, Paola’s energy and inner glow inspire everyone who crosses her path to find time to do what makes them feel good!

Ask yourself, are you devoting time to the things that make you feel happy, rejuvenated, and alive? Even if it’s just five minutes a day?

Creating Self-Love With Self-Care

Self-love and self-care go hand in hand. We don’t have a hard time caring for others, yet when it comes to caring for ourselves we’re often unfamiliar with how or where to start. Sometimes feelings of guilt creep in, making us feel we’re undeserving of this time and space.

  • When you don’t tend to yourself, you can’t tend to others.
  • When you don’t feel good, you can’t make others feel good.
  • When you don’t carve time in for self-care, you’re showing others they shouldn’t either.

Learning to love yourself and devote yourself to a ritual that makes you feel good will be life-changing, not only for yourself but for everyone around you!

You’ll feel differently, you’ll act differently, you will experience life differently. And you are so worthy of it!

Choosing A Self Care Ritual

Self-care comes in many shapes and sizes! And learning to trust yourself and what your needs are will be a part of that Journey. If you’re just starting out, find a practice that you’ll be able to maintain. Perhaps a routine of 5-10 minutes a day. With time, you and your practice will evolve!

The Toner is like a botanical bomb exploding on your skin. It’s so powerful.” - Paola

For Paola, self-care comes in the form of skin care. She carves time out for her daily ritual that makes her feel good, rejuvenated, and cared for. It was this Routine that led her to feel confident by allowing her to spend time with herself and care for herself. She invests in her skin care knowing that it will yield lasting results for her face — body — and skin.

Self-care is a practice of boundaries and devotion. By consistently showing up for yourself you also learn to establish healthy boundaries for yourself! It’s a practice that will spread across every area of your life, making you feel better, more confident, and more connected. Do it for you and for all around you!

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Fumiko Takatsu calendar_today

Hello Laurence, yes this is Paola’s confidence-boosting evening routine 💖 I hope you enjoy!

Laurence Yohanan calendar_today

Hello this is a routine for the evening?

Linda Bourdeon calendar_today

Very good information. Her skin is lovely.

María del Carmen Santillán calendar_today

Buenas noches, me gusta mucho sus consejos e información que hace llegar hacia las mujeres y su cuidado personal, una sugerencia me gustaría que los videos tengan traducción al español y así comprender mejor los mensajes que dan.

Muchas gracias

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