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The Number One Tool For Better Looking Skin

The Number One Tool For Better Looking Skin
Bestsellers aren’t bestsellers for no reason! Bestsellers speak of the results they deliver and we’re proud of having a Face Yogi favorite that goes above and beyond expectations. The truth is, we’re making looking and feeling good accessible and empowering, and we know you’re ready to reclaim your confidence and love upon your skin!

There's a spa-like treatment that revives your skin, reduces the appearance of age spots and acne scars, boosts collagen production, and makes you feel like a diva all from your own home.

YES, please!

Because let’s face it, you’ve already spent too long putting yourself and your needs last.
You’ve already said one too many times, “When there’s more time,” or “Just after I do this…”.
You’ve already had days when all you wanted to do was put on a concealer and hide your face and your skin.
You might have even had days where you felt, “This is just the way my skin is…”.

But we’re here to say ENOUGH.

What would it be worth to you to know that you can embrace your age, love your skin, and have the tools that’ll support that Journey for you?


Derma rolling, or micro-needling, is a mechanical process designed to rebirth your skin. Similar to laser treatment, except it’s manual, not harsh on your skin, and cost-effective, it literally creates an opportunity for your skin to stimulate collagen and regenerate itself.

Here’s how it works:
Our Derma Roller does all this by causing gentle, intentional, and calculated trauma to your skin which then allows the skin to heal itself. During this healing process, your skin produces new skin cells which result in a boost of collagen and a healthy glow. (Voilà! 👌)

Adding derma rolling to your monthly Skin Care Routine is also an effective practice that allows your Skin Care Products to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Combining it with a powerful serum after the treatment itself results in an instant boost in your skin’s appearance, and brings you facial-like benefits you can do at home! In addition, Derma rolling has proven effective for reducing age spots, photoaging, and scarring, while improving the effectiveness of your quality skin care.

It’s truly one of our KEY tools for skin health and radiance.


Now that we’ve covered why every woman looking to nurture her skin should be Derma Rolling, let’s get into the Dos and Don'ts of this technique!

✔️DO start with a small portion of your face
✔️DO roll the Derma Roller back and forth horizontally, several times
✔️DO lift the Derma Roller when changing to a new area of your face
✔️DO go in up and down motion
✔️DO finish with diagonal motions
✔️DO apply gentle, but firm pressure
✔️DO use on every area of your face
✔️DO use it on your lips
✔️DO replace your Derma Roller needles about every 6 months
✔️DO use .75 mm needles for the facial roller and 1mm needles for the larger body roller
✔️DO wash your face before Derma Roller use
✔️DO follow up Derma rolling with the 100% Pure Oxygen Plasma
✔️DO use the Derma Roller according to your own intuitive needs, a general rule of thumb is every other week for beginners, and from there you can go to once a week, or once a month depending on your needs
✔️DO consult your dermatologist if you’re unsure whether Derma Rolling is right for your skin condition

❌DON’T drag the Derma Roller to a new area of your face, but lift, place, finish
❌DON’T push so hard that your skin bleeds (bleeding is a sign of too much pressure)
❌DON’T use on eyelids and under eyes
❌DON’T use the Derma Roller during an acne breakout
❌DON’T use a Derma Roller if you have rosacea or extremely sensitive skin


To maximize your Derma Rolling results, we have a simple 3-step-routine that’s easy and effective. Did we already say how much we love easy and effective skin care solutions?

Clean skin is your first priority when Derma Rolling. ALWAYS use the Derma Roller on freshly cleansed skin because you’re penetrating into the skin’s layers and having clean skin is essential to avoid infection or spread of bacteria. Our all-time favorite cleanser is the one that we at the Face Yoga Method formulated to meet all of our high standards and needs.

Post Derma Rolling, your skin is extra-susceptible to what you put on it making this step ESSENTIAL in getting your skin the maximum support and leaving you with maximum results.
We’re love-struck by our 100% Pure Oxygen Plasma because it replenishes the oxygen levels in your skin, stimulating the production of new skin cells. You can see how it works as a power duo in combination with the Derma Roller!


The Derma Roller will forever change how you look at your skin and your Skin Care Routine. This simple, but mighty, tool is a powerhouse in generating new skin cells. It literally helps you shed the dull layers of your skin, uncovering the healthy glow beneath!

You won’t look back!

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Linda Couric calendar_today

This is update to May, 2021 message. Have added the collagen powder daily plus the Face Method cleanser and toner and had a birthday, now 81, still swim and exercise every day. Should have taken those photos.
People don’t believe my age.
Love you Fumiko,and your messages and philosophy are life changers.

Nirmala calendar_today

Hello ,

How much of the roll?

Vera calendar_today

How much us it?
And the needles?
I live in Chile.
Haw can I Buy?

Mags calendar_today


Linda Couric calendar_today

I have been using the Face Method derma roller several months and so sorry I did not take photo at start. Fumiko is right in making that suggestion. I have 80 year old sun damaged skin and SEE THE DIFFERENCE USING DERMA ROLLER. Now will start using it on crepy arms and thighs.
Love you Fumiko.

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