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Start Your Face Yoga Practice With This Exercise

Start Your Face Yoga Practice With This Exercise
Maybe you’ve been following me for some time or perhaps you’re just hearing about one of the top 2019 global beauty trends – Face Yoga. Either way, this is the perfect pose to (kick)start your Face Yoga practice!

After the car accident in my thirties, my face had lost its symmetry and looked quite lifeless. What’s worse is that I no longer recognized or felt like myself and I was ashamed of my smile.

I thought, what can I do to help me look youthful again? I was tired of looking tired, covering up with makeup and not feeling confident. Then, I had a lightbulb moment!!!

The very first pose I created for the Face Yoga Method was The Big O™. Today I believe that this is the perfect pose to start a Face Yoga practice!

This pose is SO POWERFUL and works so well because it is isolating and activating some of the largest muscles in our face!

Just three sets of this easy pose for 10 seconds each, will boost blood circulation (making nutrients and oxygen flow to the skin) to the entire face and cheeks!

Want proof of this 30-second power pose?

Here’s a thermographic image that we took during a Face Yoga study at a University. These photos show the real-time blood flow in the face and neck before and after The Big O™!


Before and after practicing Face Yoga – blood circulation in face and neck.

I hope you watch this video to see how you simple and effective this pose will be for you! 

Leave me a comment below if you felt the circulation from this pose, and if you want to see more like this!

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I want more videos of face yoga

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