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Best Face Oil For Your Skin

Best Face Oil For Your Skin

The buzz word these days is face oils! We’re sure you’ve either already tried, thought about trying, or are still a bit unsure of how (and which) facial oils work best for you and your skin. 

So we’re going to shed light on this topic in hopes of inspiring your Skin Care Routine and giving you the face oil answers you’ve been looking for. 

Let’s Start With The Basics 

What Are Facial Oils?

Facial oils are super nourishing moisturizers for your skin. Deriving from plant oils, face oils can give your skin a boost by softening it and moisturizing it. They are good at locking in moisture, as well as balancing your skin's complexion. 

Face oils are also packed with natural ingredients full of antioxidants and can also help with skin inflammation. Because they’re deeply moisturizing, face oils can also prevent wrinkle formation and can keep skin elastic, plump and glowing. Do we have your attention yet? 

Let’s Bust The Myths 

Will Facial Oils Make My Skin Oily? 

When it comes to facial oils and whether or not you should use them, this is one of the most common concerns we hear; “Will it make my skin oily?” and, “I already have oily skin, I don’t need more oil.”  

Truth: Face oils will not make your skin oilier.

The right face oils are full of essential nutrients and give your skin proper hydration that can actually help your skin regulate how much oil it produces and therefore restoring balance, even for oily skin conditions. 

Sebum is the natural oil our face produces for protection and for hydration, when produced in normal amounts. When produced in excess, skin gets oily and can in turn clog pores and cause breakouts. While oily skin can be genetic or hormonal, it is often due to skin imbalance. Imbalanced skin is often the result of stripping too much oil away from the skin, either by cleansing too often, exfoliating too much, or by environmental conditions.

So on the surface it seems like your skin is oily, when actually your skin is thirsty and in turn produces excess oil to try and compensate.

It’s also important to note that a little goes a long way, so you don’t need a lot of oil to properly hydrate your skin. So, if you have oily skin, you too can benefit from facial oils! 

The more you strip your skin away from oils, the more it’s going to produce it. 

So one of the most common mistakes we see from people with oily skin is using “oil free” products and trying to strip their skin of excess oil. Instead, we recommend using the right oils to balance out your skin. 

Best Oil For Skin 

Where To Start With Face Oils 

The fact is there are MANY face oils that are both available and beneficial to our skin.  For example some oils are more beneficial for acne prone skin, or wrinkles, than others. 

Always keep in mind that no two skin types are the same, and the best way to know what suits you, is to listen to your skin! 

Our #1 Oil For The Face: Jojoba Oil! 

Without a doubt, Jojoba oil is one of the most versatile facial oils out there. This oil also most closely resembles the sebum our skin naturally produces, which means that it’s most similar to our natural skin formula.

Jojoba oil is great for both dry and oily skin conditions because it mimics the skin's natural sebum production! This quality in turn can help balance your skin naturally and is a great face oil for acne prone skin. 

Jojoba is also great for sensitive skin making this oil best vote for an overall and versatile facial oil! 

Want to use Jojoba Oil? We’ve sprinkled the healing power of Jojoba oil throughout our boutique Skin Care Products!

If you’ve never used face oil before and are unsure where to start, we’d recommend trying Jojoba.

Most Asked About: Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is trending in the health and wellness space and we often get asked, “Should I use coconut oil on my face?” 

Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and full of fatty acids. The antibacterial properties can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, while the fatty acids soothe the skin. Coconut oil can also improve skin’s ability to repair itself and is a great oil for combatting fine lines and wrinkles. 

However, while coconut oil works wonders for some, it can clog pores for others, as well as cause breakouts in acne prone skin. 

Despite the controversy, coconut oil is still loved among many especially due to its accessibility, versatility and how soft and radiant it leaves skin. It also makes a great all-natural makeup remover, which deserves major credit. 

So, when it comes to coconut oil, it’s one you’ll have to try for yourself. If you’re unsure, start with a patch test and see how your skin reacts. 

Honorable Mention: Sweet Almond Oil 

Sweet almond oil is a wonderful facial oil which often flies under the radar, but is definitely deserving of the spotlight!  

Almond oil serves both as a moisturizer and as an emollient, meaning it both moisturizes the skin and helps the skin retain the moisture. Sweet almond oil soothes skin irritation and helps treat common skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and dry skin. 

Because it’s rich in Vitamin D and E and other minerals, almond oil has been used to protect skin from common signs of aging, protects the skin from UV radiation, and can minimize stretch marks and scars. Please note that sun protection is still advised and almond oil should not replace your regular sun protection. 

Almond oil is also great for evening skin tone and rejuvenating skin when it feels and looks dull. However, if you have a nut allergy, please avoid using almond oil as applying it to skin can cause an allergic reaction for those with nut allergies. 

Choosing Your Face Oil 

As we’ve already said, there are a variety of face oils, including many great oils that we didn’t list here. When it comes to choosing the right one for you, we can’t stress enough the importance of listening to YOUR skin. In the beginning, that may include trial and error. 

Most importantly, ask your skin what it needs 

Instead of chasing the next trend, tune into how your skin feels.

Does it feel dry, oily, itchy, dull?

Are you prone to redness, acne breakouts and blackheads? 

Once you analyze your own skin, you can search for a face oil to give you the boost you’re missing! 

For more information on what your skin is craving, take our customized Skin Care Analysis to get the best recommendations for your skin type!

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Cheryl Foster Charles calendar_today

I’m so glad to see this because I have always believed in using olive on my face/skin so any oil better than that would have been my question.

Thank you Miss Beauty


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me encanta todo lo relacionado a esto, gracias por la informacion gracias por todo!!!

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Hi, thanks for the info! I’d like to ask about rosehip oil for the skin.
I used almond oil (not sweet I think, just pure almond oil that you can also use to cook) on my skin for a while and results were amazing.

Cheryl FosterCharles calendar_today

I like this information. I’m thankful. We love your work ☺😇😇😇😉

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