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Debunking The 5 Biggest Skin Care Myths

Fumiko Takatsu, the founder of Face Yoga Method, smiling face.

She told me I should follow my heart and live my life.

"Be strong and follow your heart and dream. I do not regret my decision to be a full time mom, because it was the best job ever I had. But I have to confess, I have wondered and even envied your independence.... " 

I am not a typical Japanese daughter.

I am not a daughter that spends a lot of time with my mom or family, and I live in another country. But knowing how much my mother loves me and is proud of me the way I am, I can keep moving forward with my work, my family and my passion.

I believe that every single day, we choose things, small things like, what time we get up, workout or not, what we eat, etc.. These small decisions have made us who we are and what kind of life we have.

I appreciate my mother's strength and honesty and acceptance of me the way I am.

She also told me “in life, there is no such things “what if...” because what we have right now is the most important thing in life..”

Motherhood is selflessness in action. Rarely is there a more giving, stronger or more resilient person than a mother. And, if you’re a mother, you know there is no end to what we would do for children. Mothers balance so much on their backs, and just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

My relationship with my mother has always been so special, and I’m lucky enough to have been raised by her and all of her ancient Japanese wisdom! So many of the tips and advice that I share in the Face Yoga Method, come from her, like some of my recipes, and she would always tell me that lifting my right eyebrow would cause horizontal wrinkles.

Fumiko and her mom

Mothers provide support, love, nourishment, and of course... unsolicited advice. If you’re like me, your mom had a natural remedy for everything! And while that’s great, sometimes it can cause more problems than solutions.

To celebrate this Mother’s Day, I want to have a little fun debunking the TOP FIVE skin care myths you’ve probably heard from a woman in your life and show you natural replacements that REALLY work.

Two women smiling at each other.

Yes, genetics play the leading role in our body’s makeup and appearance. BUT, when it comes to the signs of aging, your skin is a reflection of your HABITS, not your GENETICS.

There are a few habits that cause us to look older than others, I call them the “Aging Habits”. Sleep position, chewing, posture, and even the way we apply makeup or contacts can result in our faces looking older and unhappier than we actually are.

It’s pointless and counteractive to only address the symptoms of our Aging Habits, without addressing the cause of them. You can try to erase frown lines, but if you’re still squinting in the sun all day or stressed at work all the time, those lines will never fade. The only way to create long-lasting and breathtaking results 100% naturally, is to address the cause of what’s aging you.

Your awareness is the first step in your journey to younger-looking skin. And awareness leads to prevention. Find out what your Aging Habit is and how you can fix it with our new AGING HABIT QUIZ.

A woman splashing water on her face under the sink. 

I hate to burst your bubble, but your pores are not going to get smaller, or bigger...ever. But you CAN reduce the appearance of pores by keeping your skin clean and pure of makeup, dirt, free-radicals and keeping your skin properly hydrated and clean.

My top tip for healthy-looking skin and minimizing pores is my 100 Times Face Splash Technique! One Face Yogi even said “I no longer need to wear makeup. My glow lasts the entire day!”

A woman's face under a cosmetic procedure.


Scars are evidence of our body’s repairative structures at work, like collagen, one of our skin’s biggest repairative proteins! Scars form when the deeper layers of our skin are damaged and the body forms new collagen to repair the damage.

We get scarring after surgeries, severe acne, skin stretching, and more, and usually new scar tissue has a different texture than the surrounding skin. You’ve probably tried one of the many scar minimizing creams or vitamin oils, to try to reduce scars, cellulite, or stretch marks. But scars start beneath the surface, so our remedy must too.

The best way to minimize acne scars, or even the oldest scars on your skin is with this 100% natural remedy: Derma Roller Treatment!

Microneedle treatments are our go-to solution for scars on the face, because they build collagen from the inside out! We've developed the perfect Derma Roller to get you results safely and effectively at home.



 I struggled with severe acne when I was younger which led me down the never ending cycle of over-cleansing and only using oil-free products to remove the ‘excess’ oils. I remember the confusion I had walking down the aisles of the pharmacy trying to guess my way through which products would do what I needed them to do. I would follow their direction to a ‘T’ always to just end up disappointed in the end. I was on an endless cycle of trying brand after brand, thinking this would be my solution.

Until I decided enough was enough, and it was time to study my skin and what my body actually needed. I wanted to know what natural remedies I could try, what ingredients to use (and avoid) and use my own skin as a guinea pig in my experiment.

What I found was that I had been making a BIG MISTAKE.

In fact, our skin produces a perfectly balanced oil, naturally and it’s important to not disrupt that balance, but to support it.

If you have overly-oily skin, you’re probably over washing your face, or using a cleanser that isn’t rebalancing your skin. Combining the use of Cleanser AND Toner is vital for maintaining a blanched skin pH and reducing acne or dull flaky skin.

I suggest only washing your face with a hydrating Cleanser and Toner at night, to remove impurities and makeup and allow your skin to breathe and naturally repair overnight.

As you transition to this method, it may take a couple of weeks for your skin to adjust, keep following the same routine: 100X Face Splash in the morning, Cleanser and Toner in the evening.


White round pills on a table.


Although vitamin C is plentiful in many citrus fruits, botanicals and supplements, the best way to boost elastin and collagen protection is to use it topically on your skin. But no, you CANNOT just crush up a vitamin C capsule or mix a vitamin C powdered drink into a face mask.

Ascorbic Acid (the most-common form of vitamin C) is highly unstable and when you powderize a capsule, it oxidizes almost immediately. Plus, the particles of the powderized capsule will be way too big to enter into your skin, so you’re essentially just wasting good vitamin C when you try to use it on your face.

Your skin needs a blend of 20% ascorbic acid to best penetrate the skin and support healthy collagen and elastin production.

If you’re looking to reduce age spots, hyperpigmentation, or a brighten a dull complexion, our new hand-blended Vitamin C Concentrate serum has 20% vitamin C, sourced from natural botanicals and ascorbic acid.

Fumiko Takatsu smiling while pointing both of her index fingers towards the bottom of the photo.

We all have our matriarchal skin care advice to share. The problem is, it’s risky! You could be causing more damage to your skin and wasting so much money on brand-manipulation instead of quality results.

It’s time to get the facts straight and know what products and methods will really deliver results and are worthy of a place in your life.

If you’ve been buying your skin care based on labels and promises, by the supermodel on the cover, or by what your friend may have suggested, we want to free you from this trap.

Because we’ve been there too- and we’re sick of it!

That’s why we’re launching a FREE 5 DAY SKIN CARE CHALLENGE to empower your beauty with the tools and information you need to make empowered decisions about your skin care.


Fumiko Takatsu showing number five with her hand.


Join us for five FREE Expert-Share Lessons that will help you reclaim your beauty and be armed for life with the information you need to make skin care decisions for yourself.

Branding manipulation has had its heyday.

It’s time to discover what EMPOWERED SKIN CARE looks (and feels!) like.


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Fumiko Takatsu calendar_today

Hello Rajvir! Stay tuned for some great DIY tips to help with dry skin during our 5 Day Skin Care Challenge starting today :)

Rajvir kaur calendar_today

Please suggest natural way or with home product solution of dry skin . I hve a too much dry face .

Maribelle calendar_today

Woowww! Thank you so much for sharing these beauty tips and facts about skin care. I love to know more about it and try it.

Laura León calendar_today

Gracias, gracias, gracias, yo quiero participar.

Дафи calendar_today

Фумико, благодаря за всички съвети, които получавам от теб!Упражненията и нагледните примери ми помагат за осмисляне грижите за кожата ми!Поздрави!Бъди здрава и все така вдъхновяваща към повече красота!

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