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3 Skin Care Mistakes I Never Want To Make Again

Fumiko Takatsu in a black and white shirt holding her right fist on the forehead and smiling.

Ever wish you had a magic playbook to follow when life throws you challenges? 

I have.

I’ve faced three significant skin care challenges in my life where I had to "trial-and-error" my way to success.

The first was in my adolescence when I had acne, and what I thought was overactive oily skin. I was self-conscious of my skin’s condition and would cover up with makeup and hide under hats all of the time.

Not knowing any better, I turned to oil-free products, thinking these were right for my oily skin. Then, when I still saw breakouts, I used them more and more often throughout the day until I was a slave to my skin care. I would wash in the morning with oil-free soap, blot my skin with oil-absorbing sheets throughout the day, and cleanse again at night with the same cleanser.


This routine turned out to be one of the biggest skin care mistakes I could make. 

You see, it was both my routine and my products that were making my acne worse. I was continually stripping away all the oil from my skin, and in return, my skin was over-producing oil to compensate. So, I dropped the oil-free products,simplified my skin care down to just the basics and started making simple changes to my nutrition. It took a couple of weeks for my skin to balance out, but when it did, it was better than ever and my acne started to clear. 

But this wasn’t the last time my skin would give me challenges...



Just when I thought I had my skin care under control-- my 30’s came along.


Now, if you’re over 30, you’ll know this story quite well. Suddenly, as if overnight, my face felt like it was falling. I would look in the mirror, tugging at my cheeks, try to lift and press the corners of my eyes, hoping by some magic they would stay like that. My face was starting to age faster than I was. Inside, I felt young and vibrant and healthy-- but when I’d look in the mirror, I saw a face that looked troubled, older, and dull.


I again turned to anti-aging serums that just didn’t work. No matter how many I tried my skin didn’t look any better! I was frustrated and decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I dove deep into do it yourself (DIY) solutions that I could make at home.


My kitchen became my laboratory and my bathroom became my gym- but the focus was on my skin! I would mix all sorts of herbs, proteins, ingredients while studying the benefits of each of them. I also began my research of the body, and the muscles of the face and started moving my face to feel how each tiny muscle would flex and become activated. 

All of this hard work (although it really felt quite fun!) paid off when I started to see results. I realized by dedicating some time to practice, this knowledge would empower me. These were the discoveries that I still use to this day, and carry over into the Face Yoga Method. 


As recently as this past fall, my skin changed again. I took a last-minute trip to Japan to visit my father, who was ill and the travel and sudden change in climate did a number on my skin. It felt tight, dry, and sensitive to this new environment. My environment changed, and so did the needs of my skin. But thankfully, I knew just what to do to get my skin back to dewy and delicious in less than a day!

And then it hit me.

We all need a guide.
Something that can help us through the evolution and constant changes in our skin. We know we need to adjust our habits when our lifestyle changes, but how do we know we are doing it all right?


Today, I’m so excited to show YOU how to combine the best DIY skin care I’ve mastered over the years and turn it into a routine that will fit YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS.

Now you can take our FREE Skin Care Analysis and get a customized skin care ritual based on your results. 

I created this FREE skin care analysis out of necessity. I wish there’d been something like this to show me  EXACTLY how to treat my own PERSONAL skin type. I’m saving you from the struggle of hours on Google, searching through reviews of skin care products, or hundreds of dollars on skin care that doesn’t do what you expect.


Now, you can have a customized skin care ritual with top-rated products made for your skin care needs.

This interactive questionnaire combines our top-rated skin care products and tools into one, easy-to-use daily ritual!


We’ve partnered with a board-certified cosmetologist to develop this analysis so you can feel confident that your skin care ritual is right for you. The best part is, your ritual is built on more than just your skin type. We look at your:

✅Skin Concerns
✅Desired Results

...and more! 


Then you’ll get a daily skin care ritual that will not just work for your skin but fit into your lifestyle too.


Plus, this analysis evolves with you! Take it again and again as your skin’s needs change, and you’ll get a result to match.



Here’s how it works:

Click start below and answer a set of questions about your current lifestyle, routines, skin concerns, and the results you want to achieve. Is your skin oily or dry or both? Do you show inflammation easily? Where do you get breakouts? Do you have hyperpigmentation or dark spots? 

Then, let the analysis work it’s magic and take the guess-work out of the equation, leaving you with the perfect skin care ritual you’re going to love! 

What are you waiting for? Click “START” to take the Free Skin Care Analysis and get your customized skin care routine now.


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