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Why Women Love FYM Skincare!

Why Women Love FYM Skincare!

Fact: When Maria and I tell people we have never met most of the women on our team face to face, or that only two of our 14-person team live in the United States, we get looks...

Looks that say “yeah right” or “how does that possibly work”, but my favorite is the look of “you’re crazy. How can you trust them if you’ve never met them”.

I love this question the most.

You see, I believe that having a team of women of 7 different nationalities, a team that works in 8 different timezones and a team of a range of ages is what makes FYM so strong and boundless.

This Labor Day Weekend I want to spotlight the sisterhood behind the Face Yoga Method and the labor of love we exude every day to bring you the Face Yoga Method you know and trust.


The women who work with me are not just my employees, they are my tribe. Their work perfectly complements each other's, they bring ideas to the table from their own experiences, and without them, I have no doubt that the Face Yoga Method wouldn’t be the same. 

Part of what makes this team so unique and powerful is our ability to collaborate on ideas that come from first-hand experiences. We bring our best to the table and discuss what’s not working without judgment. 

We love showing up to our computers each day knowing that what we are creating is having such a beautiful, empowering and life-changing impact worldwide.

We Love Face Yoga And We Love YOU! 

To show it, my team wanted to peel back the curtain and share their top skincare and self-care tips they’ve learned along their own Face Yogi journeys!


Jen Whipped Oxygen Moisturizing Cream
Favorite Product: Whipped Oxygen Moisturizing Cream

“I have very sensitive, combination skin. I get dry flaky patches in my t-zone but I am also prone to breakouts and clogged pores when I moisturize. Then I found the WOMC - and I haven’t looked back. I could swear I hear my skin thanking me every time I use it!”

Camille The Ultimate Guide To The Face Yoga Method
CAMILLE - Brazil
Favorite Product: The Ultimate Guide To The Face Yoga Method eBook

“I love what FYM does for empowering women! On the weekends, I always try to get back to mama-ocean and spend the day on the beach. Our digital programs and eBook are my travel companions.” 

Maria Dermaroller
Favorite Product: Derma Roller

“We did so much research and sampling to find the perfect tool we trust our own skin with. Our Dermaroller has the perfect sized needles which give you a safe, at-home treatment, with the quality you’d pay big bucks for at a spa.”

Tania Mikoband
TANIA - Portugal
Favorite Product: MikoBand

“I’ve suffered from scoliosis and back pain for most of my life. Fumiko sent me a Mikoband to try and every time I wear it I get stronger and have less-pain!”

Soraya Face Yogi Weekender Duffle
SORAYA - Qatar
Favorite Product: Face Yogi Weekender Duffle

“Being part of the Face Yogi community is one of my favorite aspects of FYM. Now, I can show it off wherever I go (gym, travel, shopping). Before FYM, I was an airline flight attendant, so I know bags - and this is the one I don’t leave home without!”

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